Megan & Flos #1: Summum Esse

Want to know what happens next?

Go to Episode 2: Oxygen Depletion

Click here for definition of Volpars


The first five episodes are available in paperback:

The first five episodes plus puzzle page and facts about our solar system and Flos’s.

click on the pic 😀

This comic was created with Comic Life by Plasq

copyright 2013


 Megan & Flos is a vegan comic for children made by Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics

Copyright 2013


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34 thoughts on “Megan & Flos #1: Summum Esse

  1. Megan and Flos is wicked! I absolutely loved these stories! I read them backwards, last first and first last, and they are amazing.

    I especially love that Flos is interested in flowers, because most alien stories are all about how aliens want to take humans and inspect them, but why do we presume that? It makes a lot of sense for aliens to be curious about any other thing in the world, and plants are really cool, because they open their petals in the day, and follow the sun, and they can break through pavements. So it’s a great perspective on extra terrestrials.

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  2. Wow !! Tomorrow this series will take new leaps 😀 It has environment cause, alien, a silent girl whose powers/potential untapped yet,And I am trying to guess and guess what will happen next 😀


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