Reflecto Girl #5: Sidekick

For the story so far, click for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4


For Episode 6 click here 🙂


This comic is available in paperback from our shop 😀

Episodes 5 and 6 plus two puzzle pages

Comic created with Comic Life by Plasq


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27 thoughts on “Reflecto Girl #5: Sidekick

  1. This is wonderful! I love Distraction Boy, what a great idea! And I really like how Renee likes to quote things, it shows she is a person who is cultured and interested in things. I like that: “Let’s get cake”! Firstly, and most importantly, let’s get cake. 🙂 It is a wonderful twisty turny story, so much happens in it, I really enjoyed reading it. I like the woman who stops George, and the Bureaucrat and the security guard, they are all very funny.

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  4. I really enjoy entering stories in the middle. It makes it more interesting to go back and read the prior episodes. I have so many questions, and I enjoy going back to see if they are answered or if they are still to come. thanks.

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