Reflecto Girl #6: Harsh but Fair

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RG6 05 reduced


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Episodes 5 and 6 plus two puzzle pages

This comic created with Comic Life by Plasq


‘Big’ science in the field: experimenting with badgers and bovine TB, 1995 -2015:


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11 thoughts on “Reflecto Girl #6: Harsh but Fair

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  2. Brilliant!! That last frame really made me smile. Feedback: As I’m reading on a phone screen this morning, it was longer for me due to the text boxes being wider than half frame. Each comic frame requires a full pinch for zoom (half-frame) then a swipe right to span. Keep in mind reading words in this fashion.

    Love this series! It’s my fav. Sorry to have not been around in a while, Violet. I have really enjoyed my read.

    PS – can she do something on insects, say honey bees? Feeling how they must feel being poisoned (neonics) or lost and confused (small dose poison) or being sick (mites, virus) AND hungry (no flowers)? It must be horrible.

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