Back on dry land at last

The story continues from yesterday but, if you missed the beginning, you can read the whole vegan comic here 😀

funny vegan comic for kids

Woohoo! Don’t you just love a happy ending? 😀

If you’d like to read more funny and exciting stories, go home, and don’t forget to FOLLOW so that you don’t miss new stories when they come out (for email followers, it’s that white button in the sidebar with a white word you can’t read. I’ve tried to change the colour of the text but nothing I’ve done works. Anybody know how? 😀 )

Have a great weekend! ❤


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Violet’s Vegan Comics – creating funny, exciting and always entertaining vegan children’s books since 2012.

4 thoughts on “Back on dry land at last

  1. I really like Violet’s Vegan Comics! They’re always humourous and entertaining, and they make me laugh out loud. I love the stories and the way they are set up – it’s like a series of short stories with a happy ending. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone!
    Smith John

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