Hold on tight!

Marvellous Mildred and the Girl Scout Twins, Episode 4 – Serious Trouble for Sindy Snowdrop – continues from Wednesday. For the story so far, click here 😀

funny vegan comic for kids

Sindyyy!!!!! 😮

Why is the Flat-Capped Menace taking baby Sindy to a ship?! Will our heroes get there in time to stop him?! These questions and more will be answered when this story continues, which will happen as soon as Miranda finishes drawing it.

For now – have a great weekend! 😀


Marvellous Mildred, the Girl Scout Twins and the Flat-Capped Menace are characters from the vegan comic by Miranda Lemon.

This comic was created with ComicLife by Plasq

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Violet’s Vegan Comics – making funny, exciting and sometimes action-packed vegan children’s books since 2012.

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