How would YOU like it?!

Story continues from yesterday:

vegan superhero Reflecto Girl
vegan superhero Reflecto Girl

Run Reflecto Girl, run!

Come back tomorrow to find out if Renee gets there in time, or find out now 😀


The vegan superhero, Reflecto Girl, was created by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Violet's Vegan Comics logo

Violet’s Vegan Comics creates funny, enlightening and sometimes action packed vegan children’s books for readers of all ages.

Since 2012

9 thoughts on “How would YOU like it?!

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      • What?! That’s… er… not my idea of civilized, but what do I know?

        Thank you so much, Violet, for educating and helping to change paradigms!!

        Sending Safe Air Hugs (if wanted) from across the pond,

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        • You KNOW! I wish everyone knew what you know 🙂 Hugs always gratefully received, thank you 🙂
          By the way, I drafted almost two pages of the post you wanted me to write before realising I hadn’t actually answered your question. Now a week has gone by and I can’t find your question/request. Would you mind telling me again what you want me to write regarding our stories inspiring empathy and working for a future where every child is safe. Oh, is that it? 😀

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        • Yes, 🙂
          That is /was exactly it!

          I’m sure that what you have written is excellent!


          Ok, sending more hugs, and getting back to chapter 10 editing!!
          Almost done with Draft 3!!

          We will help everyone else to understand how important empathy is for all of us, just gotta “keep a-pluggin away” in the words of Paul Laurence Dunbar.
          (ugh, I am tired, is it lunch time yet? Some beautiful Turkish mercemek corbasi, red lentil soup, with a nice side of greens, and lovely Greek Olive Oil (sorry to my Turkish friends, but the Greeks do make better olive oil…), would be nice if someone else could cook it for me right now!

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