Luke Walker for Hillside Animal Sanctuary!

From this day forward, all profits from the sale of the Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er books will go to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham near Norwich.

Hillside is now home to over 4000 rescued animals but their work doesn’t end there. They also conduct investigations into the way animals are treated on farms and have repeatedly exposed and published the horrors found there. They say they have always known that one of the main reasons animals are left to suffer in factory farms is because people have little or no idea about the immense cruelty involved in their ‘food’ production.

We have supported Hillside’s amazing work for many years now so we’re thrilled to be able to donate 100% of the royalties from our Luke Walker series of books 😀 For every book sold, Hillside will receive £1, so if someone you know has a birthday coming up, why not get them a present full of funny stories they’ll love that will also help the animals they love? ❤

Just click the pics!


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