Quick! Sign This! Save the World from Plastic Bottles!

Every day 16 MILLION plastic bottles go un-recycled in the UK.

It’s a plague of plastic that’s choking our rivers and suffocating the ocean — it’s even in our drinking water! But finally there’s hope.

The Environment Secretary is considering a revolutionary plan to give people a financial incentive to recycle. It’s a complete no-brainer, but industry lobbyists and even supermarkets are fighting back, hard — and there’s just four days left in the consultation.

To drown them out we need a tidal wave of public support to flood the consultation — click to add your name and then share this with everyone, we have four days to make it massive:

Secretary Gove: End the Plastic Plague Now!

The plan is super simple: a small deposit is paid with every plastic bottle, which you get back when you recycle the bottle. In places like Germany and Denmark this same plan has taken recycling rates to over 90%.

More recycling means new plastic production would plummet. We’d use less oil, our beaches, birds, and brooks could breath again, AND our councils would actually save money from lower garbage collection and landfill costs. Complete no-brainer.

There’s no time to waste — every minute another 10,000 bottles go un-recycled. With just four days left, let’s make sure the Minister can’t back down now. Add your name and then tell everyone:

Secretary Gove: End the Plastic Plague Now!

In the wild, a single plastic bottle can take 450 years to break down. Winning this would be a victory felt for centuries. Our great, great, great, great grandchildren will walk on their beaches, birds circling overhead as the waves roll in, smiling back at us. Let’s make this happen now, for us, for them, and for our world.


25 thoughts on “Quick! Sign This! Save the World from Plastic Bottles!

  1. I’ve not made a resolution for more years than I care to remember, but I will make an exception from this point forward: To do my best for the environment by buying and using less plastic, creating less waste and recycling more. So the challenge is to use canvas bags, not using disposable coffee cups etc, and being more conscious of what I am consuming and throwing away.

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  2. Here in Germany, whenever you buy a plastic bottles, most of the bottles have a small extra price added on the bottle itself, kind of caution money, so that when you ended them to small bottle machines inside the grocery stores, you get your money back. This way people won’t throw bottles away. Is this not a system there ?

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  3. South Australia has been doing this for years and it works well. There is a 10 cent deposit on cans, bottles and some other type of containers – the chocolate milk or iced coffee sort of containers and beer bottles. Charity groups collect them and use the cash for much needed funds, schools are involved for similar reasons, and individuals are also involved. I know 10 cents might not seem a lot, but a few bags of cans and bottles and it can soon mount up. Last year we put over $5000 into the RFDS on cans and bottles. If I was in Britain I would strongly support this move – everyone as well as the environment benefits. Think of when we were ( well not a young thing like you) growing up and we used to take jam jars to the shop and get money – well multiply that 100 fold.. My math is pretty bad but it seems to me that 16,000,000 bottles is round about $1,600,000 and wouldn’t some social groups – including yourself – like a share of that?

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    • That’s fantastic! And yes I do remember, we could get deposits back on glass pop bottles when I was growing up. I wonder if you could comment on the petition, even if you can’t sign it, you could write to the decision makers telling them how well it works in Australia. Thanks Edgar 😀


  4. We have been big on recycling. But I have seen many institutions put out two cans. One for garbage and one for recycling. Then they are picked up and both put in the garbage heap. It is lip service at its worse. Now there are so many requirements on recycling that it makes you scratch your head. They do not even take the small plastic containers because they mess up the machines.

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    • Oh no, that’s terrible. But I heard on the radio the other day that somewhere in the north of England they have a fantastic waste/recycling facility where they collect the waste from the community (it doesn’t have to be sorted) and then their technology sorts it all into various things that are recycled and anything that can’t be recycled is broken down by microbes and turned into a useable substance. The processing of all this rubbish also generates heat which is in turn used to power homes in that same community. Nothing is wasted.
      Amazing. It’s fantastic that this technology now exists, we just need to get it happening everywhere. 🙂


      • Unfortunately we now have President Trump and the chances of him being EPA conscious are slim. He is little concerned with environment and wants to go to coal as a resource. We are looking at poor air quality, poor water quality and lack of funds for all needed projects. But we will have a wall. I am afraid the world is laughing at us.


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