Any minute now

For the story so far click here 🙂

children's adventure story

vegan children's story

to be continued ….


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19 thoughts on “Any minute now

  1. Uh oh, they’re coming! Hurry Venus, hurry!
    And I was thinking – I know that setting off a fire alarm is illegal, so is triggering a fire alarm illegal? But then I thought, you know, stealing the fishes would be perceived as illegal, and I perceive that kidnapping the fish from the oceans in the first place is a crime.

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  2. Woohoo!! Go Venus 😉
    I’m loving the fire engine too, that’s a great addition to any story 🙂 And! if this goes wrong, we can always get that time machine from that movie Frequency, and then get the firemen to help out with the rescue mission 😀

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  3. Aw, poor little frightened touch pool people. You’ll feel much better soon. And you won’t have to get touched any more! Yay 🙂 That’s a great fire engine with firemen – I wish I could draw like that!! 😀

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