What Joe found out:

For the story so far, click here 🙂

vegan comic for children

vegan children's story

to be continued ….


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20 thoughts on “What Joe found out:

  1. Gorgeous illustrations too, by the way. Sorry, I got fixated in my metaphor. It’s not even a metaphor it’s a simile. Slaps own face. I love all the colours and details!! Such a picturesque area. I love the different expressions on the characters faces.

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  2. Unbelievable!! Is that even legal? Not turning the alarms on so everyone can hear them? What happens if someone took out the security guards first, then started a fire? Everyone would stand around like bowling pins* until they died.

    *I say “like bowling pins” because I was tempted to say “like lemons” which is sort of an over used saying, so I ought to avoid it anyway, but it suggests that lemons are useless articles. Lemons are great! They’re colourful, they’re tasty, they smell good. They are a useful ingredient. It makes little sense to make them the poster fruit of inactivity. Bowling pins, however, their main purpose, is to stand still until they are struck by a large heavy ball. They are the epitome of inactivity. So they seem like the perfect object to use as a metaphor, for standing around until your building burns down around you. That’s exactly what a bowling pin would do. I guess it’s what a lemon would do too, but don’t worry about that.

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  3. Sigh. Buck up everyone!! We’ll think of something. Maybe you could hire a crowd of actors to dress up as pirates, and cause a lot of mayhem, that would be distracting.

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  4. Way to go Joe! I mean, it’s not the greatest news in the world, but it’s good to know, you wouldn’t wanna NOT know that, going in. Good going.

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