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vegan comic

to be continued ….


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24 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I never REALLY knew my father… i have my birth certificate and a photo of him but i was too young to have any clear memories of him.

    Name:Ronald Keith Burgess

    DOB: not sure but around 1973-1979

    Last known where abouts: Tasmania (im not sure about this one)

    But I do have one…

    I was 5-ish and we had gone to the supermarket (I cant remember what for) and I saw some christmas cards…THEY HAD THE SIMPSONS ON IT! I asked Dad if we could get them and I distinctly remember him saying no, but upon reflection he ended up saying yes, but only if I sent one to my grandparents.

    Still in the supermarket he got me some tic tacs I think that at the time I loved tic tacs (i still do) and he used to call me princess tic tac… At the age to 11 I found a letter… I had mever recived it (but i had a feeling that i’d seen it before)… it was addresed to me and I had found itin the bottom of my mothers filing cabinet, when looking for something she had told me to get… I remember hiding it under my mattress and later that night I read it… I cant excactly remember what it said but here is what I remember

    To Princess Tic Tac,

    My two step sisters Amy and someone else were doing something and he thought that I should come and visit…blah blah blah…love Dad.

    I hid it under my mattress and I dont ever remember it being found but a year-ish later I went to read it and it wasnt there!

    Its been 5 years and I still havent been able to find the letter…

    I never really knew him but I MISS him 😭

    If you know him please let me know!


  2. Oh no, what has happened now?! I like that – blame the Dounto, that’s what we’d do too. It’s always UBOS’s fault too. (the book of spells, not the bureao of statistics)

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