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 vegan comic for children

To be continued …

(Music: cover of The Cure’s A Forest, by Ping Trace)

8 thoughts on “WATCH

  1. That’s true. You know, people used to live like this a long time ago, before electricity and before a lot of other things. People used to be a lot more harmonious with the rest of the nature. This is a good message for the children and the grandparents of our future – try to put the world back how it was before. Very good 🙂


  2. Is it really better to cut down trees, which can be homes for animals and sources of food for them? Is it really better to fill the atmosphere with smoke? Think of what would happen to the trees if everyone switched to wood? Think of how many we would need to cut down. Isn’t the rain-forest already being destroyed enough? Even if we keep replanting, if the world continues for long enough, wouldn’t we be cutting down the saplings before it grows? It seems our world would be more rapidly destroyed if everyone switches to trees. If wind Turbines kill animals, it’s an accident and it’s because the animals run into them. Should we not drive, for fear of an animal running out in front of us before we can stop? Should we not walk for fear of stepping on and crushing a bug? There’s a huge difference between torturing and slaughtering animals, and building something to try to protect the environment in many ways (including minimizing pollution) and animals flying into them and getting hurt and killed.


    • I’m not sure you watched the message fully. We’re not advocating killing trees, we advocating planting them – millions and millions of them. Those grown for food would be untouched, those grown for fuel and timber would be coppiced and pollarded (ancient practices which encourage new growth), not killed. They would keep growing, keep providing habitats, stay alive indefinitely, purifying the air and the water. There are millions of hectares of farmland in this country, ploughed and poisoned to produce cereal crops, or kept for grazing animals, and nothing else. This land could be used a lot more productively for food forests and all the natural habitats for wild animals that used to be here could be replaced. I have included links to the extensive information I have found in my research at the bottom of the story page. (ps personally I do think we shouldn’t drive at all either, but that’s another story) 😉


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