Recommended Reading: Ladybird’s Remarkable Relaxation

ladybird 1

Here is another lovely yoga book for children from Michael Chissick and Sarah Peacock.  This one is designed to be used by teachers and parents to help children use yoga relaxation to cope with stress, grief, bullying and lack of confidence.

ladybird 1a

The book begins with guidance for teachers and parents, explaining the aims of the book, how children can benefit from and enjoy Ladybird Relaxation and giving advice on how to teach it to children.  Then the story begins.

ladybird 2

Ladybird’s friends are all stressed or unhappy about different things – stress from a heavy workload, bereavement, bullying and feeling they’re rubbish at something.  Ladybird sympathises and tells them she is going to give them a special gift that will help them all.

ladybird 3

ladybird 4

Beautifully illustrated, it is a joy to read and makes you feel more relaxed as you turn the pages 🙂

The final part of the book explains how to teach Ladybird Relaxation including a script to read while using a ladybird puppet or little bell (outlined in the guidance at the beginning) to symbolise the ladybird landing on different children as they relax on their mats with eyes closed.

It sounds really therapeutic and I can’t wait to try it myself.

Available on Amazon here

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