Quick! Prevent Fracking in Lancashire!

UPDATE:  Lancashire county councillors have rejected Cuadrilla’s application to drill for shale gas at Preston New Road.  Fantastic news and a huge relief!  Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.  Stay in touch with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth because this is just the beginning.  According to the Guardian article, Cuadrilla will certainly appeal the decision and our Conservative government is extremely pro-fracking.  But we can stop them if we stick together.  A big thanks goes out to all the councillors on the committee who stood strong and voted against Cuadrilla’s application.


A critical decision on fracking is taking place in Lancashire. County councillors are set to either slam the doors on plans to drill for shale gas, or give way to the fracking industry.

After an initial vote, councillors have hit a deadlock. Seven have come out in support of fracking, with seven other councillors standing against.

A final has been scheduled for Monday, 29 June. So between now and then, we need the councillors on the committee to know that if they take a stand against fracking, we will stand with them.

Please go to the Greenpeace site right now to sign the petition – it only takes a few moments and it could mean the difference between letting the frackers in or seeing them off for good.

Don’t put it off – they’re voting again on Monday!

Thank you xx

18 thoughts on “Quick! Prevent Fracking in Lancashire!

  1. Although I’ve never dealt with disintegrating nylons – I dry mine in a(n) hermetically sealed room built specially for the purpose – the entire Shakespearean “to frack or not to frack” question continues to vex in a world awash in (relatively) cheap oil. And with the Saudis promising to keep oil prices low for years – makes me think regional politicians don’t follow world political and economic events.


  2. Hi, we are having the same fight here, the Government has given permission for Fracking in the very brittle Karoo area, us people managed to for the Government to reconsider, since then there has been no movement in either direction. i will sign the petition, but as I do not live in Britain, I do not know weather my signature will help. Have a great weekend, best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

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