G is for Greyhound


Jasmine the rescued greyhound with one of her many fostered youngsters. Click on the pic

Greyhound    noun

Oxford Dictionary definition:  Slender swift dog used in racing.

Our definition:  Greyhounds are quiet, gentle, and loyal.  They are very loving and enjoy the company of their humans and other dogs.   Jasmine, a beautiful, rescued greyhound puppy who grew up to be a permanent resident at Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary and an extremely well loved member of their team, is a perfect example of how loving these animals are.   Tragically so many gentle individuals like her are exploited and abused by the greyhound racing industry.

And the G g page is done! Click on the pic or go to the dictionary in the sidebar

And the G g page is done! Click on the pic or go to the dictionary in the sidebar

17 thoughts on “G is for Greyhound

  1. I have always wanted a rescue greyhound. We live close to the greyhound racetrack and I would love to help one out. Sad…no fenced in backyard…YET!! And the chase everything..


  2. Years ago I frequented dog tracks in Miami. Too many of us know very little about the behind the scene dog racing industry. I do know there are some greyhound adoption agencies and they make good natured pets.


  3. A former neighbor of mine used to save greyhounds that used to be racing dogs. And these were really cute and loveable animals, it’s horrible how they are exploited!


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