Goodreads is such fun!

Goodreads is such fun! I’m really starting to get into it and have just entered several giveaways for new books.  I will go back when I’ve finished here – there’s so much to choose from and since it’s free to enter, I might as well have a go 🙂

And while I’m on the subject, our third giveaway is now underway.  I intended for it to begin yesterday but I have just discovered that it actually went on at the same time as Edmund’s Lunch, a week ago.

 As I write this the Vegan Nursery Rhymes giveaway has 369 entrants; the Edmund’s Lunch giveaway, which started a week later, has 317 entrants; and “I’m not dinner!” has 343 entrants so far 🙂

vegan children's story

So if you want it – get in the game!

Pop over to Goodreads and enter.

Click here for “I’m not dinner!”

Click here for Edmund’s Lunch

And/or click here for Vegan Nursery Rhymes

Go on – you deserve it – it’s free! 😉

Comments welcome

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