Friday April 11th

Today, on National Pet Day, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family:  Carly

Carly on the cold radiator

Carly used to live in a small cage by herself.  Her “owner” had had to go into a dementia care home and for Carly, who went with her, this meant being left alone in a small cage in a bedroom all day every day.  She was never allowed out of the cage and never had been.

Finally the lady was persuaded to allow Carly to find a new home, and Birdline of Parrot Rescue was called.  It was hoped that she would soon be in the company of other birds like her and would live a more meaningful, if still captive, life.

Sadly many more weeks past and Carly was still in her dull, solitary prison.  The bird rescue volunteers were so inundated with needy birds (100 a week coming into their care) that they had been unable to find room for Carly.

So she came to live with us.

When we opened the cage she remained inside it for two more days, nervously peeping through the open door occasionally.  But the next day she emerged.  She swooped and soared the length and breadth of the room.  A bit uncoordinated at first, well, she’d never done this before, but she was trying out her wings; finding out what she was capable of.  It was wonderful.  I assumed she would go back to her cage when she wanted something to eat or drink and intended to leave it permanently open so that she could come and go as she pleased.  But she has never been back in.  She went a whole day without eating and drinking rather than go back into that cage!  And who could blame her?

So I put food and drink on top of the bookcase for her.  When we put away the cage she relaxed, noticeably.  She sings along with music played for her, be it birdsong or classical music, TV theme music or sounds from nature.  She is still nervous of us but getting more comfortable I think, especially as she can perch so high out of everyone’s reach and keep an eye on us all 🙂

Usually, when we all go to bed at night, she has the living room to herself and flies around a little more before settling in a warm spot on the wireless router until morning.  But last night, 11 days after arriving here, she demonstrated how skilled she’s become at flying when she glided at an angle through the slightly open doorway of our bedroom and slept on a picture frame by our bed.  She clearly didn’t want to be left alone all night, and I guess she quite likes us 🙂

Carly in the bedroom

by the screen

art lover

perch by the window


Carly on the bookshelf

Carly in the kitchen

Birds don’t belong in cages.

45 thoughts on “Friday April 11th

  1. I love Budgerigars.
    We had one many years ago that had run of the house.
    Anytime that our Budgie heard the sound of a potato chip bag, it took flight divebombing until somebody gave in and let land. Quite talkative too. Our Budgie enjoyed walking up to our dog, she would pick up her ear and the Budgie would chatter away. When our dog had enough, it would just bop the budgie away rather gently…..This Post made me smile!!


  2. I had parakeets in college we had two and a cage that was positively enormous which we left open so they could come and go as they wanted. They liked the cage we had and would sleep, eat and play there but they also like flying freely


  3. You just made my day! I love that this once-confined beautiful, bird is now free to enjoy flight and the company of those who love her. Well done!
    We have cats – all rescues, so a free-flying bird is out of the question, but I envy you.
    Love to Carly!


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