If Animals Could Vote

if animals could vote

From ‘Vote for Love’ – a collection of children’s sayings compiled by Nanette Newman

8 thoughts on “If Animals Could Vote

  1. Dear Violet. Great & concise answer to Sinecostan. Thank you for this blog…my first time here…someone shared on Facebook. GO VEG!


  2. Even though I am a vegetarian, I have conflicting thoughts on this. This subject may be worthy of a post on my own blog.

    1. If plants could vote, they’d vote that we didn’t eat them too.
    2. (My parents’ argument #1) Plants are living things, too, why are you not willing to eat animals but green, thriving, living plants are perfectly fine for you to kill and eat?
    3. (My parents’ argument #2) It’s nature for some animals to eat other animals; it’s not their fault. Humans are among this group, else why would we have canine teeth designed for ripping and tearing flash?

    While I continue my vegetarian ways, I am still searching for satisfactory answers to the above questions.


    • Sorry you’re struggling with arguments from your parents. If I were you I would answer: 2. Plants are not sentient beings. Plants such as fruits, vegetables and nuts do not exist for their own purposes, they are food plants, designed to nourish the animals that need them, including us. 3. Carnivorous animals are designed to eat meat and they cannot be blamed for it. They need it to survive, their digestive systems and teeth are designed for it. But we are not carnivorous animals; even meat eaters would be repulsed at the thought of killing an animal with their teeth and eating it raw; most of our teeth are flat, we only have 2 canines, not lots of sharp pointed teeth like cats. Our digestive system is long, not short like carnivorous animals which are designed for the meat to pass through them quickly. Therefore meat stays in our systems for years which is very unhealthy and causes things like colon cancer.

      Bottom line is – we don’t need meat – in fact it is unhealthy for us – so eating meat is killing for pleasure and that’s just wrong.

      Hope this helps 🙂


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