Plant Food Sudoku


Due to the popularity of the Fruit Sudoku¬†I thought I’d make another one – for people who love puzzles but hate numbers!

This one is a PLANT FOOD sudoku which means you must make sure there is one, and only one, of each letter in each of the nine 9-square boxes whilst at the same time ensuring there is one of each in every vertical and horizontal line ūüôā

P L A N T   F O O D

To save you having to print it out, just save the picture on your computer and then open it in ‘Paint’ or another picture editing program where you can fill in the missing letters.

Here’s the answers!

Food Wordsearch

food wordsearch

Search for the following food items and draw a line through them – they might be forwards, backwards, vertical, upside down or diagonal. ¬†And you don’t have to print it out if you don’t want to – just click on the pic, then right click and save it to your computer, then open it in ‘paint’, or whatever picture editing program you’ve got, and you can draw the lines on there ūüôā







Sunday April 13th

It’s¬†National Scrabble Day!

Go Vegan

We love a good game of Scrabble as much as the next person but it’s even better when you make it vegan scrabble!

Give your game a vegan theme by stipulating that all the words must be related to veganism! It’s not as narrow as you might think. ¬†You could have any word related to vegan food, to nature, to animals, to environment … anything related to veganism and the natural world, however tenuous the link. ¬†It can be a real challenge and it’ll make you laugh when you have to try to find a vegan connection to whatever word you’ve managed to make with your tiles.

Give it a go – especially today on National Scrabble Day! ūüôā

vegan scrabble