Bonny Brenda

Bonny Brenda

Met a vendor

At the Summer Fayre.

Said bonny Brenda

To the vendor,

“What have you got there?”


“Oh lots of things,”

The vendor said,

“There’s pies and breads and pasties,

Steak and kidney,

Sausage rolls,

And even bacon butties.”


Brenda frowned,

She was not pleased,

She found his stuff distasteful.

His folding table,

Six feet wide,

Held entrails by the plateful.


“Sorry I asked,”

Said Brenda at last,

“That’s yucky, you’re disgusting!

And if you think

This doesn’t stink,

You need your brain adjusting!”


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Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory dickory dock,

I’ve got a hole in my sock.

The sock’s the one

With piggies on,

Hickory dickory dock.

Ickledy spickledy speck,

My scarf is around my neck.

The scarf’s the one

With ducklings on,

Ickledy spickledy speck.

Umbuldy tumbuldy tack,

I wear my bag on my back.

The bag’s the one

With moo cows on,

Umbuldy tumbuldy tack.

Spirally jirally jook,

My things have my friends on, look:

There’s pictures of

The ones I love,

Spirally jirally jook.


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The Giveaway Countdown Starts Here

vegan children's book

To celebrate the launch of our new Vegan Books For Children page we are going to have some giveaways of some of the lovely books on it.

First up is “Why are you a vegan?” and other wacky verse for kids

It’s been over a year since this one came out in January 2015 – unbelievable!

You can read more about it here in the post about the earlier giveaway, when it was published, and if you’re still not sure you’re interested, look at this lovely review we just found on Goodreads:

Funny rhymes with messages on vegan lifestyle,sounds difficult to combine but the authors have put a brilliant effort in creating this work. This is a book consisting of poems and picture stories. What is interesting about this book is,the drawings are hand drawn which makes this book a special one because children can actually connect to the drawings and the simple poems and learn in more than one way. Very beautiful illustrations and amazing writing.

A very sweet read. Would recommend it for every kid.

So, if you would like to win a copy of this colourful, happy vegan children’s book, just comment on this post and let us know.  You’ve got seven days to do so – next Wednesday, the 11th of May 2016, we will draw a name from our ‘hat’ to select the winner.  Open to everyone, worldwide.

Look forward to hearing from you 😀