Book Trailer: Beans on Toast #4

Beans on Toast #4 is OUT NOW! Don’t miss the fantastic fourth episode of Marvellous Mildred, the puzzling fourth episode of Sherman & Geynes, the engaging fourth instalment of What me and Jude did while everyone else was at school, or the puzzle pages in this funny, old fashioned, black and white, vegan comic for kids aged 5 and up – available from our little vegan bookshop 😀


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New Vegan Rascals comic – OUT NOW!


vegan children's book
vegan children's book


The first issue of Vegan Rascals is finally here and we love it! A proper old-fashioned comic with multiple stories, a fact file, a puzzle page and a yummy chip butty recipe. And as if that wasn’t enough – there’s a board game on the back! Not bad for under a fiver eh?! 😀

vegan comic for kids
vegan comic for kids


Of course all the stories are free to read here, but if you’d rather read a proper paper book, this is it! 😀

vegan comic for kids
vegan children's book


Vegan Rascals #1

Pages: 57
Binding: Paperback
Interior: Colour
Dimensions: US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

Available from our Lulu shop 😀

Megan & Flos #6: Corruption

As soon as Megan returns home from her adventures in space in episode 5, she receives a plea for help from a friend who is a volunteer at the local animal sanctuary. Something very strange is happening that doesn’t make any sense.

Megan agrees to help with the investigation into the sanctuary’s new management which reveals something highly unexpected.

Something dodgy is going on and, if Megan and friends don’t put a stop to it, the consequences will be dire.

Megan & Flos is an old-fashioned adventure comic for kids. Recommended for children aged 8 and up. There’s also a wordsearch puzzle at the end.

Format: Paperback 33 pages, colour interior, dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm, vegan children’s book suitable for ages 8 and up.

£3.00 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer


Comments from the web:

“OMG!!!!!! this is one of the best stories ever!! If you have read the others, every single second of this story will keep you tied on your seat and hats off to the illustrators who really did great illustrations. if you love conspiracy packed mysteries then you will really fall in love with this story…get on and read it, it’s really excellent.!!” – cwdoesmylaundry


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