Happy Birthday Violet’s Vegan Comics!

It’s eight years ago today that Violet’s Vegan e-Comics set up camp at WordPress!

So Happy Birthday us!

Long may we continue! 😀

Have a slice of birthday cake ❤

Mm mmmmm – doesn’t that look amazing?

Well I can’t take credit for it, I found it at Vegan Dollhouse!

There are tons of amazing recipes over there!

You should check it out!

vegandollhouse.com 😀


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Time for tea!

By then it was time to get ready for Grandpa Wollemi’s Birthday tea.

Everyone was very excited.

vegan children's story

There were crisps and cookies and mini pizzas;

vegan children's story

there were crackers and pasta salad and pineapple on sticks;

vegan children's story

and the big birthday cake, made entirely by Cedro, was the centrepiece.

vegan children's story


continues tomorrow 😀

but if you don’t want to wait you can read the whole story here now 🙂


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Recommended Reading: Grandpa Wollemi’s Birthday

vegan story book

Here’s another big colourful story book from Edward Benn (of Wibbolywub fame), this time beautifully illustrated by Cynthia Barnett:  Grandpa Wollemi’s Birthday.

vegan story book for children

It’s a happy, friendly story about children getting ready for their Grandpa’s birthday.

vegan story book

Kauri and Myrtle have made presents for Grandpa but Cedro, who can’t get the hang of sewing or making things with paper, doesn’t know what to give him.

vegan story for children

That is, until he remembers that Grandpa is no stranger to the cookie jar and would probably really like a birthday cake.

vegan story book for children

So he makes him one.

vegan story book for children

And the story explains how he does it, incorporating the simple, egg-free vegan recipe naturally.  The colourful, naïve illustrations make this book charming.

vegan story book for children

It is clearly designed to be read to young children, a lovely bedtime (or daytime) story but is, in addition, a vegan birthday cake recipe book which will enable little ones (with adult supervision of course) to make a delicious cake of their own with ordinary ingredients likely to be found in everyone’s kitchens.

Another lovely idea from Honestly Books.

Get your copy here 😀