Miss Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins

This wonderful woman, who sadly died in 1998, was a life-long advocate for animals.  She writes in her book Sensible Pets and Silly People, referring to activities with her childhood friend when she was 5 years old: “… I do not think there was any crime we would not commit for an animal.  We were always prepared to do anything we could to reduce the sufferings of any animals that came our way …”  She went on to found Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare , in the 1950s I believe, and tirelessly continued as she had begun – saving all the animals who needed her.

The day she died was a great tragedy for animals because those left in charge of Raystede have betrayed her legacy by serving meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their café – something she would never have allowed.  How do I know that?  Read this (another excerpt from her book):

“Too often our entertainment, our food, our clothing and so-called sport are all at the expense of animals and a civilised society in years to come will look back with horror at the way that we have exploited animals …. Things have gone wrong.  Things have got worse.  The sparrows go on falling.  The sheep go on suffering and it is time many more of us did much more about it … We must be less cautious, we must forge ahead with less timidity and decide that all cruelty should be punished and eliminated. …. Those of us who have grown old in the work and who have so little to encourage us for the future welfare of animals can at least hope that having carried the banner so far, we can, in falling, fling it to the hosts behind to carry on the work and hope that they will be more successful than we have been during this century.”

Heartbreakingly the hosts behind have dropped the banner and let her down horribly.

How dare they?  How dare they betray her life’s work?  How dare they betray the animals?  How dare they do it in Raystede’s name?

Every time someone signs the petition to make Raystede’s café vegan, the CEO, Nigel Mason gets an email.  Get everyone you know, and everyone you don’t know to sign it.  Even better, write to the president (who worked there when Miss Raymonde-Hawkins was there incidentally) and tell him what you think of their betrayal.  Tell him to make that café vegan!  I know I can count on you.  Thank you ❤

Raystede’s President:

Morgan Williams,
29 Hamilton Court,
The Strand,
Brighton Marina Village,
East Sussex,


The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare


At Raystede they rescue, rehome and provide sanctuary for more than 1500 animals each year.  It is free to visit almost every day of the year and very important to their work is their educational service, used by schools in East Sussex and beyond.  They also offer guidance to all ages on caring for animals.

They say: “Our Sanctuary, with its sizeable lakes, offers a safe haven for visiting waterfowl as well as for our chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We also offer a lifelong home for goats, horses, ponies and donkeys which are no longer wanted.”

 Raystede map


This little person is named Sweetpea, and she is sooo friendly and gorgeous! You can see in the background the fields in which the goats can go to play.


So what do you like about me

Sweetpea again, what an adorable face!


What's that (2)

This is Toffee! Isn’t he a splendid gentleman? Here he is standing in front of the stables and next to the climbing frame.



Toffee again – here he is trying to reach for a piece of paper I am holding. I love his beard!


Reach! Now he’s going for my camera.

Thats it

Mmm! Tasty. He has a lovely soft tongue, he licked my fingers.

Well hello there

Hello there! Rocky is 7 years old. He likes people and scratching.


This is Lettie - she is taller than the other goats, so she can stand on her hind legs and eat off of the trees.  Isn't she so delightfully pretty?

This is Lettie – she is taller than the other goats, so she can stand on her hind legs and eat off of the trees. Isn’t she so delightfully pretty?


Lettie again, having a good back-rub on the side of the stable

Itchy scratchy

Snowdrop having a good scratch

This is where the goats live and spend a lot of their time.

This is where the goats live and spend a lot of their time.


Sadly, while they do a lot of good for some animals, Raystede sells meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their cafe, thus paying for a lot of animal suffering and encouraging their supporters to do the same.  A two year campaign of letter writing and a petition asking them to make their cafe vegan has received no response from those in charge who seem to think they are not answerable for the betrayal of their founder’s mission to make the world a better place for ALL animals.