Giveaway Number 3: What’s Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Panda

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Our third Honestly Books giveaway is the unique What’s Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Panda by Lavender Laine.

You can read our review of it here, but basically it follows the classic children’s story model in which the protagonist (Patty the panda) goes on a journey to find out about herself by trial and error.

It’s told completely in rhyme which is charming and the illustrations and text are all done in collage which is so different and fun and shows children that they can make art out of anything and encourages recycling.

The moral of the story is that we are all different and that what’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. This is undoubtedly why Laine dedicates the book to the Safer Medicines Trust which campaigns for an end to animal experiments on the grounds that all species are different and therefore results from animal tests cannot be relied upon for human medicines.

So if you’d like your own copy of this book just comment on this post to enter Friday’s prize draw. We will announce the winner on Friday morning.  Good luck 😀

26 Verses of Deidra

rhyming children's story

Where are you going Deidra? is one of our favourite, and one of the most popular, stories on this site so when we decided to publish a compilation of short stories and rhymes for little ones we really wanted to include it.  Unfortunately the new book – entitled “Why are you a vegan?” And other wacky verse for kids – is full of rhyming stories (of course), and Deidra is not one of those.

So, we made it into one – and here it is, the true-ish story of Deidra the dairy cow, in rhyme, in case you’re interested.

This is how it begins:

rhyming children's story

Once there was a dairy farm

With fifty lovely cows.

Most of them were black and white

But some of them were brown.


Gripping stuff I know! 😉

 Where are you going Deidra? – In Rhyme

Junior’s thinking …


“About words and what people think they mean.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Well consider the word ‘people’, for example.  If  I asked someone what the word ‘people’ means they would probably say: “It’s the plural of ‘person’ and a person is a human being.””

“Ok, I’m with you so far …”

“but I think that definition is incomplete.”

“How do you mean?”

“To my mind, the definition of ‘a person’ is anyone with an individual personality.  Like you Chiksa, you have your own distinct personality don’t you?”


“And you’re not like every other chicken in the yard?”

“Certainly not! I’m not bossy like Henny-Penny, or painfully shy like Henrietta.”

“So you see my point.  You are not human but you have a personality and that makes you a person. That makes all animals people.”

“That’s the logical conclusion to draw, yes.”

“Which brings me to my next thought: why do people think it’s ok to eat people?”

Reflecto Girl gets her own page!

Reflecto Girl episode 1

Reflecto Girl #1 now has it’s own page.  We have decided to divide our comic Jasmine into its 3 separate stories so that in future you can go straight to the story (or episode) you want to read.  New paint jobs for some of the early stories are under way but as soon as they’re complete they’ll be posted on their own pages.  Click on the picture if you want to read Reflecto Girl #1.  This is just the beginning 🙂

Maintenance in progress


Reflecto Girl’s getting a make-over

It hasn’t escaped my notice (since posting instalments of episodes from Jasmine stories) that some of those early stories could do with a new paint job!  So I am having fun painting the old pictures and I will stick them in the comics when they’re fit to be seen 🙂

A satisfying ending


All this week I’ve been in denial about my dissatisfaction with Where are you going Deidra?  I was so excited about finishing it, and I’d set myself a target of the end of last week, that I didn’t pause to think about whether it really was finished.  I was so focussed on getting across the message about the true cost of dairy farming, that I temporarily lost sight of my primary intention – to provide happy, positive, vegan inspiration for children, not to depress them.  I think it’s ok for me to put more serious, grown up items on the blog occasionally, and I think it’s important to be open and truthful about the harsh realities of animal exploitation.  I’m very glad I posted the heart-breaking story about the dairy cow who made the decision to hide one of her twins in the woods and give the farmer the other, rather than lose both.  Everyone needs to know that.  She deserves to have her story told and I know that it has touched the hearts of everyone who has read it.  The same goes for my poem.  But for the children I want to provide hope, happiness and enjoyment.

Positivity is the way forward and positivity, fun and entertainment is the way we want to encourage veganism at Violet’s Vegan Comics.  We want to give something good to bright, happy, kind, veggie children.  And we want to enlighten the instinctively compassionate little ones who haven’t heard of veganism but who are naturally inclined towards it.  The stories on this website are for all children – even grown up ones – and I hope they will be enjoyed by everyone who reads them.

I therefore decided Where are you going Deidra? wasn’t finished.  It needed a fully rounded happy ending that all children’s stories should have.  So today I’ve finished it.  I’ve worked all day and I’m pleased with it now.

 Have a look at it here

Then I made double chocolate chip cookies (I added some fair trade cocoa to the recipe from Jasmine #3 ) which gave my day a very very satisfying ending indeed 🙂

VEGAN DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (not a brilliant photo but, take my word for it, they're good!)

VEGAN DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (not a brilliant photo but, take my word for it, they’re good!)