Snare-savaged dog saved by Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society

Restoring Hope
MAY 25

“This cute dog got caught and spent 3 days on a snare. The left hand got damaged and the owner was only applying herbs that finally damaged the hand. The owner lost hope. However, the owner’s son, John heard about LAWCS from his friend and he ran to our office to help their family dog from dying. Our Animal Healthcare Officer immediately went to the village to save the dog. The hand was amputated and after intensive care, the dog has recovered and looks so happy.”

Support Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society – they are doing such fantastic work.

The best friend anyone could want


Two best friends, Tillie and Phoebe, had a brilliant time, sneaking off to play when someone left the door open at their guardian’s house party.  But it all went horribly wrong when 4 year old Phoebe got stuck in a hole she couldn’t get out of.

She might have known she would be ok though, since 11 year old Tillie was with her.  Tillie stayed by Phoebe’s side for a week, leaving only for a quick runs to look for help each day before coming back to wait with her friend.

Residents witnessed Tillie running through a back yard several times over the course of the week, but they didn’t realize what was happening until a volunteer group called Pet Protectors put out a distress call on Facebook.  Pet Protectors soon received a lucky tip from someone who had seen Tillie several times.

Read more here, including the wonderful happy ending as the girls reunite with their guardian: