Babs and Cat go to the beach

Here’s Babs – you remember Babs, right? – having a day at the seaside with her friend Cat πŸ˜€

And what does every vegan have to do when they visit a sandy beach?

Write a message in the sand! πŸ˜€

And of course build some sandcastles πŸ˜€

What a great day! Enjoy the rest of your holiday ladies πŸ˜€

Oh Cat, these kids wouldn’t do that, they’ve got brains in their heads πŸ˜€

Have some good clean fun at the seaside everybody, we’ll see you again soon xxx


shingle beach

Crack crunch shingle slides

Under my feet, the sand hides

Salt smells float on the breeze

It makes me smile, the scent of the seas


Waves crash, advance and retreat

Gulls call, for others to meet

But sharp tones, unnatural, manmade

Objects litter, spoil and invade


I lift and tidy, pick up the mess

Don’t allow plastic to spoil nature’s dress

Dangerous to some, others think it’s food

Getting it out of harm’s way makes me feel good

Β litter on the beach