Reflecto Girl episodes 5 & 6: Sidekick & Harsh But Fair

Reflecto Girl 5 and 6 – now in paperback! Woohoo!

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Renée Gale became Reflecto Girlwhen she inherited the Dounto (pronounced doon-toe) from her grandmother.  The Dounto, an ancient Celtic mystical mirror, reflects people’s misdeeds back onto them.  With it Renée defends and protects animals by showing people just what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the kind of treatment they’re dishing out.

In episode 5 Reflecto Girl finds herself in a formal garden and what starts out as a lovely day turns ugly when she discovers the lengths some people will go to for a neatly manicured lawn.  She also learns something she didn’t know about the Dounto and gets herself a sidekick.

In episode 6, Renée, with her new sidekick, goes up against a government man who makes the common mistake of underestimating her and suffers some heart-breaking consequences.

This big, colourful comic book includes not only these exciting stories but also some…

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