self service bookshop headerAll of our books are available from Amazon in Europe, the USA and Canada, but if you’re not in those countries or you don’t like shopping on Amazon, you can buy them directly from us 🙂

Browse the titles below (you can find out more about the books at or just click on the pictures for a detailed description of each book) and then go to the bottom of the page to place an order 😀  

Stories for little ones:

Why are you a vegan? and other wacky verse for kids  How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth? Grandpa Wollemi's birthday What's good for the goose is not good for the panda Big Blue Sky: a Christmas Story

Stories and comics for ages 8 and up:

  Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er  More Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er  Megan & Flos Book 1  Reflecto Girl Book 1   Venus Aqueous book 1  Venus Aqueous #5  Megan & Flos #5  Reflecto Girl #5 Reflecto Girl #6 Reflecto Girl and other stories  The Rebel Gang and the Number Ciphers


 Humans are not omnivores!  Learning letters and rhyming words

Fairy Tales:


Colouring Books:

colour by nutrients Colour by History

Notebooks and Diaries:

Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er, MY PRIVUT NOTEBOOK  Reflecto Girl's Lost Notebook  Megan & Flos diary  Trees Please. A Notebook

Books for ages 12 and up:

  Wild Goose Chase Maddicts - a graphic novel

  1. Decide which book(s) you want to order
  2. Add up the total cost in your head or on a scrap of paper 🙂
  3. Add £2.50 for shipping to your total, making a Grand Total
  4. Using the contact form, list the books you’re ordering and provide your name and shipping address
  5. Pay for your order by clicking the little yellow PayPal Buy Now button underneath, and write ‘books’ and your Grand Total in the boxes provided.  Click Continue 🙂 

You don’t need a Paypal account.

Buy Now Button

As soon as we receive your order and payment we will place an order with our printer in the USA (our books are printed on demand to avoid waste).  We have found that orders reach the UK in 1 to 2 weeks; orders to the US may take less time; orders to other parts of the globe may take longer.

We will inform you when your order has been despatched 🙂

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