Beans and Grains for Hungry Brains

vegan school children

Imagine if you grew up without access to free education, and then imagine how much you would treasure the opportunity to learn to read. The pupils at Atlas Vegan Community Primary School are so eager to learn that they walk between one and six miles to school. And they have to be there by 7 am!

They’re always glad of their hearty porridge breakfast on arrival, and another meal with beans later in the day. Or at least they are if they get it. The school is often out of funds and, when there’s no money, there’s no food.

Can you imagine walking miles to school, trying to learn your lessons, and then walking miles back home at the end of the day – on an empty stomach? When you’re six, seven, eight years old?

The school, as yet not half-built, is operating on a shoestring and has no consistent income that it can rely on. If I can persuade at least 100 of you to donate just £8.50 ($10) a month, that would cover their monthly running costs, including the teachers’ salaries. Then no one would go hungry, and everyone could learn.

Seven year old Tony, pictured above with cute smile and a plate of rice and beans, loves going to school but finds it very hard to concentrate if he doesn’t get something to eat after his four mile walk from home. Could you spare just £8.50 a month to make sure his hungry brain gets fed? £2.13 a week? 30 pence a day?

Please share this GivingWay campaign and enable these kids to keep going to school.

Thank you so much xxx

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