PLEASE HELP build a vegan school in Uganda

We are proud to be supporting LUV4ALL: Uganda who are building a vegan school in Kassanda District but we desperately need your help.

Government funded schools in Uganda are few and far between, and their frequently-absent teachers provide poor education. LUV4ALL: Uganda, led by Pastor Musisi Mike, is therefore raising the money to build an independent vegan primary school and provide full-time, good quality, compassionate education to the children of Kassanda District. We believe, as we witness world crises which are completely avoidable, we have to teach our children a better way forward.

Farmed animals in Uganda are completely unprotected. Grazing on whatever they can find in the forests, they are often injured by wild animals and bitten by snakes. Many are so neglected they are almost starved. The cruelty used when taking these animals to slaughter is abhorrent. Cows tied to trucks by their tails on their 67km journey to the abattoir; pigs killed with axes or stabbed through their ears with spears; chickens thrown alive into boiling water to make them easier to pluck. These barbaric and soul-destroying jobs are done by people who have never been to school.

The human population in Uganda suffers many infections from eating and producing animal products. Tape worms are common in children; and zoonotic pathogens like brucellosis frequently infect people. Then there’s bird flu every year, cholera, and sleeping sickness caused by the insects which farmed animals attract.

LUV4ALL:Uganda intends to break this cycle of extreme cruelty, abuse and disease, and teach a new generation of Ugandan children that there is a better way. Our new school will teach children that plant-based diets, which do not offend nature, are the only healthy option. Crops are plentiful and cheap since most African families are growers, and they have no health complications. As well as literacy and numeracy, we will teach the children how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and make healthy meals.

LUV4ALL: Uganda sharing delicious, healthy food with the children in Kassanda

To save children from employment in animal factories and abattoirs, we will also be giving them vocational skills training such as arts and crafts – learning woodwork, basketry, pottery, needlework and so much more.

Atlas vegan school has been operating since 2018 in rented premises but the landowner evicted us this year so the only way we can keep the school open is to build our own. We have so far raised enough money to buy the land and some of the building materials, but we still have a long way to go. We hope that you will donate whatever you can afford to help us provide a better future for our children, our human community, and the beautiful animals with whom we share this world.

The children are being asked what is their favourite fruit, and they reply ‘jackfruit’.

This money will fund the construction of classrooms, teachers’ quarters, compost toilets and a school office, as well as school supplies such as stationery. Our need is urgent because the children have nowhere to learn next term until we have built it. We will provide complete transparency by updating our donors of our progress with photographs and videos, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your kind donations. God bless you.

With love from Mike and the team at LUV4ALL: Uganda

They can’t do this without you so please donate and share this fantastic appeal to make it happen.

For the animals ❤ For the children ❤ For the future of this planet ❤ Make it happen! 😀

Thank you xxxxx

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