Veebles: What a great idea!

Want to keep your money in the vegan community?  Want to make sure what you’re spending doesn’t end up paying for animal abuse?  Veebles will help you put your money where your heart is!

Veebles is a new worldwide FREE vegan business directory.  Need a new window cleaner or hairdresser or gardener or lawyer or estate agent or bakery or [insert service provider here]?  Find a vegan one on Veebles and keep your money in the circle of compassion.

Plus it’s easy and free to register your vegan business or service with Veebles so that more customers will find you. is the world’s most robust and comprehensive directory of businesses owned by vegans.  They exist for your success, and to make compassionate shopping that much easier.

All are welcome.

If you’re vegan and want to offer your products or services to other vegans, – get yourself listed on Veebles!  😀

It’s going to be my first stop every time I need anything.

By the way, it’s only just launched so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in your area, give it time, they’ll get there!

The people at Veebles say:

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
Money given to vegan-owned businesses is money flowing towards kindness, compassion, and healing our beautiful planet.
Vegan business owners will likely:

  • keep money flowing towards compassionate food and fashion choices
  • support legislation to label food accurately and promote plant-based school lunches
  • support laws promoting decency to animals
  • donate to non-profits helping animals

Together, let’s create this circle of really good energy.  It’s a perfect example of “intentional commerce.”  Put your money where your heart is.

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