Path To Freedom

This is inspiring and uplifting – give it 15 minutes and enjoy your day πŸ˜€


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24 thoughts on “Path To Freedom

  1. I think acknowledging, perhaps promoting a vegetarian lifestyle and self-sufficiency is totally positive and Vegans might wish to support that as the alternative is a diet incuding meat. We have more agreement than not and a stronger voice together than separately. The reasons we are Vegan or Vegetarian are various, not singularly animal rights. I was pleased to watch and appreciate you posting this. ☺

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  3. Absolutely wonderful. I think the animals, who were being petted, kissed and hugged, are well loved and treated with kindness and respect. They are part of the family and heir living space was clean, light and cozy. I wish I had the ability and the urge to grow things, but somehow, that gene passed me by. My cousin has a garden and passes her yummy things to me but living in Chicago the growing season is very short. Such a great video and way of life.

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    • Yes, I ummed and ahhed about whether to post it for that reason. I think what this family has achieved is amazing and very inspiring and I love that he is a bonafide hippie from the sixties who didn’t sell out. It is not my intention to promote the idea that keeping animals to provide eggs and milk and honey is in any way a good idea but I think the ‘growing your own plant food on such a small urban plot’ part (which is most of it) is wonderfully inspiring so I wanted to share that x

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