Myrtle did some origami

Myrtle had made a mobile of a beautiful flock of origami birds for Grandpa to hang in his bedroom window.  Grandpa adored birds.

vegan children's story

Cedro would have loved to make him something like that but, though he had tried, he just couldn’t get the hang of folding paper.

vegan children's story

vegan children's story

vegan children's story

continues tomorrow 😀

but if you want you can read the whole story now 😉


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20 thoughts on “Myrtle did some origami

  1. This is a lovely story, and it is such a true subject. It is always a problem deciding what to give someone for their birthday 🙂 Our children are great gift-givers. They always make something out of pasta. You would be surprised how many things you can make out of pasta 😉 They really are enjoying this story, it is great to have a story about living toys, it sparks their imagination.

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