Learning With Crayons Book 2 – This time it’s history!

Yay! Honestly Books has a new colouring book out! We loved the first one so we’re definitely getting a copy of this one and we’ll do a review when we do ūüėÄ

Colour By History

The second in the brilliant Learning With Crayons series is here at last! ¬†August Bassett and Amy Fibbitts have done it again ‚Äď this time with history.

Following the success of Colour By Nutrients which is book 1 in the series, Colour By History provides more happy learning experiences for children who can colour in the pictures of some interesting and compassionate people from history who changed the world for the better.

Learn about Florence Nightingale, William Wilberforce, Louis Braille, Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, Louisa May Alcott, Cezar Chavez, Rosa Parks and so many more, whilst colouring their faces to your heart’s content.

Author:    August Bassett

Illustrator:    Amy Fibbitts

Published:    14 February 2016

Format:    Paperback (66 pages)

ISBN-13:    978-1523648900

ISBN-10:    1523648902

Available from Amazon and other booksellers and libraries.

For wholesale orders click here.

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