2 thoughts on “Panic!

  1. Wouldn’t it also help the technology if it were developed to be ecologically friendly instead of the complete opposite? Instead of huge rotors, maybe use a slimmer design? Maybe find out what sort of sounds birds might avoid and create a sonic perimeter around the windfarm so that birds naturally avoid them?
    While I appreciate that there are people who want to live without electricity or anything that runs off it, I actually went to stay at a farm 25 years ago, that had no electricity except for a diesel generator that ran for 30 minutes every day so that some farm tasks that relied on electricity could be done. Their biggest struggle was keeping their produce fresh – they used to buy ice from the general store. The family were absolutely gasping to be connected up to the electricity grid because it’s very difficult to run a farm in these times without it – certainly if you want your farm to grow to meet the needs of a growing family. Schools, businesses, homes … they all run on electricity and in places like the UK there is not enough sunlight, and there would be a huge requirement to purchase solar panels – quadrillions of solar panels would need to be produced to give everyone solar energy – the load that this would place on minerals, manufacture, recycling — it would over balance the renewable energy system. Check out the work of Tesla and the conversations they’re having about free energy…
    I love your work and I had a couple of thoughts about this one because it’s something I think about a lot too.
    We’re an inventive species… surely we can invent better ways to carry out our technology so that it incorporates nature without endangering it. 🙂


    • Absolutely. There are now people developing renewable energy systems which don’t harm other animals so one can’t help thinking that if the original designers and manufacturers of the existing systems had given themselves some ethical criteria (ie it must solve the global warming problem without causing others or harming anyone else) then they would have gone back to the drawing board decades ago and come up with these solutions much sooner. Thanks for your input 🙂

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