Let the dogs out – Coming Soon on Kindle!

front cover

Our very first comic-book story is being reformatted for kindle – it’s going to take me a while, maybe a week or two because this is a long one, but I’m working on it! 😉

Let the dogs out was written in support of a campaign to close Harlan Laboratories – a horrible company (now owned by the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences) which breeds beagles, and many other species, for “scientific” experiments.  Whilst this is a fictional story about a fictional character, the conditions inside Harlan are faithfully described based on the testimony of former Harlan employees.

It is vital that the realities of animal exploitation and destruction in the name of science are exposed so that ordinary decent people can oppose them.  This is the purpose of Let the dogs out – which you can read here if you want to (it has a happy ending) – and the reason for getting it into the mainstream as an Amazon Kindle book.

Watch this space!

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