Edmund’s Lunch goes gluten free!

gluten free vegan children

I apologise for the interruption of Megan & Flos #3 but some shocking information has come to our attention and I had to take action immediately!

Perhaps I’m a bit slow on the uptake but I have only just realised how extremely damaging wheat (or the radically genetically modified grain which passes for wheat) and gluten is for us so Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics is now gluten free!

Of course this is not a diet site, and there are many very qualified people out there who can fill you in on the details – like Dr William Davis for starters – but for our part we cannot continue to encourage the consumption of wheat.  So I have removed all the wheat flour recipes from Things to make and do and Edmund’s Lunch is now gluten free!

Have a look and see what you think – I think his lunch looks a lot more interesting than it did before 🙂

16 thoughts on “Edmund’s Lunch goes gluten free!

  1. That is very true, wheat is not the same that it was when it appeared to earth…and not only weath, unfortunately. In Italy, they are trying to find old grains that containd nutricious elements and have not been modified in order to get a bigger crop…what you say about gluten, happened to me with milk products, I started to feel better when I cut them from my diet, and as a teacher, I have students with ADHD that got better being on a gluten free and milk free diet…I’m not ready to give it up completely yet, but I like to try to use other flours, it’s so fun to try new tastes! Thank you for your work, you have such a nice way to make people think.


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I agree it is exciting to try new things. This whole experience has made me realise that when people say “what do you eat???” after hearing that you’re vegan and/or gluten-free, it’s because their own diet is so limited and if they had to do without those limited things, ie animal products and grains, they don’t know what they’d do. But when you really look you find that there’s so much more out there that you never knew about. And it is very exciting 🙂


  2. Wheat is in so many things, it’s really hard to avoid. I have to because of allergies. But I have noticed more and more restaurants preparing gluten free alternatives, so it’s becoming more and more prevalent, which is a good thing. I personally think it’s good for everybody to avoid it. But it’s takes a lot of effort and education to know all the things that it’s in!


    • Indeed. And the fact that more and more restaurants and food sellers are providing gluten-free shows how more and more people are discovering an intolerance for it. The great thing about the internet is that we can benefit from the experiences of other ordinary people rather than having to rely on official guidelines. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂


  3. I am gluten free and dairy free. It can be tough having both these allergies. I know all about vegan and gluten free things which makes it easier. Happy blogging!


  4. Aren’t you in the UK? We don’t have Genetically Modified wheat here (although there have been a few trials), and all our GM food has to be marked. Unless you’re talking about selective cultivation?

    If you find, after completing a well planned elimination diet, that you see a marked improvement in health specifically when you are not consuming wheat (and/or gluten containing products), then that’s a useful indicator that you might be better off without it. However, it is making life needlessly difficult and expensive to cut products out if they actually have no ill effect on you personally.


      • Which bit is what you thought?

        Why would you want to cut out a foodstuff humans have consumed for thousands of years, and which is currently present in many foods as trace amounts via modern manufacturing methods if nothing else, if you haven’t checked whether it actually harms you? I haven’t read the book, but from the reviews it looks like the author himself is claiming that wheat disagrees with about 50% of people.

        If this is making you genuinely feel better then more power to you! I do think it’s an extreme decision to take from reading one book. Does he include medical studies, and have you checked them out? I’ve been saddened before to follow links that an author states to “prove” something is bad, to find that actually they didn’t prove that at all!


        • I thought, like you, that wheat only needed to be avoided by the unfortunate minority who had allergic reactions to it. I also thought “how can it be wrong? Humans have eaten it for thousands of years!” However, three months ago I started getting really bad back and neck pain. It came on seemingly unprovoked; I had not done anything to cause it that I knew of; and thought it must be bad posture, perhaps sitting too long at the computer. I couldn’t sleep in the bed. I had to sleep on the floor or on the settee to get any sleep at all. However careful I was with my back and posture it didn’t ease up. I decided to give up wheat and gluten, just because I’d read that some people had been helped by doing without it and I thought it was worth a try. One week later – NO MORE BACK AND NECK PAIN! It was after that that I discovered the book and started to learn about many other people’s reversal of chronic illnesses or at least reduction of symptoms after giving up wheat. The book is written by a doctor who draws on personal experience, observation of his patients and many fully referenced clinical studies over decades. I have made this decision based on my own experience and those of others about whom I’ve read. I am not trying to force this decision on to anyone else but I cannot with clear conscience encourage others to consume wheat so I made the obvious choice of removing my wheat recipes. If you decide to read the book you’ll see what I mean. Dr Davis says “[Modern wheat] is not really wheat at all but the transformed product of genetic research conducted during the latter half of the twentieth century”


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